"Queen" of Teatime

You may know that Victoria sandwich cake is one of the traditional British tea cakes. It was named after Queen Victoria who was believed to enjoy it for teatime. 

Unfortunately, not many tearooms in my neighborhood serves and I missed it. But a tearoom I often go adds the cake as a dessert for special Christmas menu. Yes! Of course, I went and tried it. It was Lovely!! Yummy!. 

A lot of Flour:-)  -T-
Actually, Japanese and English flours seem to be different. I am not the specialist for flour, so I can't say what's different, but it Is different. The cake made from Japanese one usually creates more smooth, fluffy and silky texture. The Victoria sandwich cake I had there had more rough, which reminded me of British style. As I guessed, that was not from Japanese flour.  

I am not saying Japanese one is not good. I like it. But this is the British cake. I am glad to feel more texture in my mouth. And that texture made me feel like " I need more tea!" and I did. Christmas tea from Taylor's of Hallogate  I had with gave me more Christmassy feelings. 

The tearoom have another Christmas special, which is more meal-ish. I should go again maybe for supper.

Christmas Tea -T-


As You Like it

The way of enjoying Japanese tea doesn't have to stick to the conventional way. More shops have served the tea in more casual way recently. 

I learned that another new Japanese tea stand “Tea Channel” just opened in Kyoto. To me, their way sounds like very Starbucks-ish. First, the customers choose the size of cup and what kind of tea you would try. Second, they can choose the taste. Would you prefer bitter, mild or super mild etc?? They prepare the tea according to your taste. Then, you can also order “the topping” such as whipped cream, nuts, honey, the leaves etc. “Topping” sounds very “novel” to me for Japanese tea. I heard that they also serve some interesting “tea leaves and apples smoothie”, which I have never had.

Kyoto is the heart of traditional tea culture. It is good to see enjoying the old drink in the new style at such a time-honored place. Enjoy as you like it.

frm Tea Channel 


Lovely to see you, Typhoo!

I prefer using tea leaves for my cup of tea and usually don’t buy tea bags myself. However, some tea bags bring back memories of my days in London, making me feel warm. 

Tetley, PG Tips and Typhoo are some of them. They were everywhere as long as I remember. Especially when I saw a huge box of tea bags named “Typhoo” for the first time, I thought “Typhoon!!?? What is that!!!??? ” Soon I found out it was Typhoo, not "typhoon", but the name left me a powerful impression, anyway. 

PG Tips has been available in Japan, but Tetely and Typhoo had not been around at least in my area. BUT, I came across it! I haven’t seen you for a while, Typhoo! You look a bit different now, don't you? I am not saying this is one of my favorites, but still I was happy to find it.  Now, I’m looking forward to seeing you, Tetley! Ha, ha. 

-by T-