More Tea for Processing

Do you know what is “tencha”? It is ground with a stone mill into powdered tea. This is what we call “matcha”. So we could say that tencha is “an origin” of matcha.

Recently, the production of tencha has been increasing rapidly in Japan. It's been doubled in the last decade. This is not because that we drink more matcha or enjoy Sado (traditional Japanese tea ceremony). It is because the matcha-flavored sweets and foods are getting so popular here and there, maybe in your country too. Chocolate, cake, cookie, ice cream, pan cake, noodles………We see a lots of lots of matcha-flavored stuff.

Due to this situation, even one of the most famous sencha producing areas in Kyoto has changed their ways. I heard that more tea farmers produce “tencha for processing” than sencha.

In general, people less drink tea, but more eat tea-flavored food. Don't get me wrong. I like matcha-flavored snacks and foods. I just wonder since when tea has come to be “a thing to eat”……..
Tencha -T-


Let's Get TEAgather

An annual Wakocha summit is going to be held in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture at the beginning of November. This summit started in 2002 in order to improve the quality and promote Wakocha. It will be the 13th event this year. 

I hate to say this, but it was hard to find good quality of Wakocha before, but not now. Thanks to tea-farmers and tea-related people’s passions and efforts, good-quality teas are seen more, which is great. 

Kanazawa is a historical and beautiful city with a lot to see and eat. Other than this event, it is worth visiting and I am sure you will love it. If you happen to be in Japan, why don’t you come and enjoy Wakocha and the city?

Date: November 1st (Sat) / 2nd (Sun)  
Place: Around the Kanazawa castle, Kenrokuen garden etc
    *More information will probably be posted at a later date once ready.

Kanazawa is the birthplace of a Wakocha known as "Kaga no Kocha"

*As for the past events, please check my old posts below:


Somen - Summer Noodles-

You may have tried some Japanese noodles such as Ramen, Udon and Soba. Then, have you ever eaten “Somen”? 

Somen are very thin noodles and often served with a light flavored dipping sauce. As Japanese summer is very hot and humid, we often feel like eating something simple. In that case, they are good. Since the taste is very simple, the noodles can go well with anything like meat, veges and egg. So you don't have to worry the lack of nourishment caused by eating only Somen. You can add more nutrition to combat the heat.

Usually, the noodles are white because they are made of wheat flour. But some are colored. The picture shows the one blended with matcha. Somen with hint of Matcha flavor can also improve our appetites.

Matcha flavored Somen (Dried) -T-