Happy Girl's Festival with tea!

March 3rd is observed as a Girl's Festival. It is also called as “Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival)” and  “Momo no Sekku (Peach Festival)” . 

We customarily display hina dolls, drink shirozake (sweet white drink made from rice), and eat hinaarare (sweet rice crackers) to pray for the happiness and healthy growth of family girls. 

I am not a girl anymore, but I toast both former and the present girls with a cup of tea. Happy Girls Festival!


Cinnamon Apple Tea plus Custard Flavor make.....!?

A  snack food "Pocky ("Mikado" in some countries) " (by Ezaki Glico) is one of the most popular snacks in Japan. A bottled black tea named "Afternoon tea"( by Kirin Company Limited) is the most popular RTD. 

Last month, their collaborative project has released. The Ezaki Gliko put "Custard flavor 'Pocky'" on the market , while Kirin Co.,LTd did "slightly cinnamon flavored apple 'Afternoon Tea'". According to those companies, when you eat together, which mean eat the Pocky and drink the tea, you will feel the taste of Apple Pie in your mouth. Moreover, the packages are so cute! When those two are lined side by side, you can see the picture that "a prince takes a princess hand".

I haven’t tried this harmony yet, so I am not sure how much I can get the taste of “apple pie”, but I am sure  that’s an appealing idea to many customers.


My Bone Density....No wonder :-)

A team of Japanese researchers in Osaka have found that theaflavin-3, or TF-3, a substance in black tea, is effective for bone loss treatment. I’m not sure exactly how it will work, but if it does really work, that’s a great news! 

Come to think of it, I have done a medical check for bone density before. The result showed no problem!  Rather,  it was much better than the average figure. No wonder….:-)