What is Sencha!?

At a well-known tea shop in London, I found a tin of tea named “SENCHA”. I was so excited to know that Japanese green tea was there! BUT.... it was not. That “sencha” was from China. 

Actually, I’ve seen a lot of other non-Japanese green tea with the word of “sencha” as a part of its name. I believed that sencha is the tea from Japan, but it was not. 

What is Sencha, then!!?? 

I remember that there is Black Matcha made from black tea or Rooibos Matcha made from Rooibos in the US. The name of Matcha and Sencha seem to have developed a life of their own outside of Japan, ha, ha. 

Sencha from Japan


TEA - UK and Japan -

I visited London about 20 years ago for the first time. I’ve visited there several time since then. And I did again this spring.Wherever I went, tea meant “tea with milk” before. Every time I visited,  I felt the drinking habit had been changing little by little. And this time, few tea shops I visited recommended tea which is good with milk. They recommended green, green-flavored, white etc.
Does that mean their traditional drink is going to die out???  Maybe not. Tea with milk is still there, especially at home.

A young lady who works at a tea shop told me….”Tea with milk is not going to die out because that’s the British. That’s how we do.”
The green tea consumption has decreased in Japan. How many Japanese will say the same thing for our traditional tea? I’m not sure…


Can you make a decision now??

"Well..which tea should we get this time?...."

Have you ever wondered about your choice of tea? In that case, these teas will solve all your problems, maybe:-) 

Each tea has the special name according your request such as…

*Ryokucha (green tea) which is drunk by people in Kakegawa, known as the city where many people live long.
*Ryokucha (green tea) to offer hearty hospitality
*Konacha (dust tea) which first class sushi restaurants are eager to serve
*Oolong tea which goes well Chinese food
*Hojicha which goes well with fatty food
*Wakocha (Japanese black tea) which is good with toast for breakfast

I guess you have already made a decision, haven't you? Ha, ha.