"Mechanical" Tea Ceremony

I posted about an appliance named “Ocha (tea)-Presso” (by SHARP CORPORATION). The idea of the machine comes from Japanese tea ceremony. It can grind tea leaves into powder and whisk them, making smooth tea, tea latte and so on. Actually, it seems to be doing well so far, and they just released two new models. 

The company has also announced they are planning to put on the market in the US and Canada around this summer. The name is supposed to be “Tea-Cere”, which is named after “tea ceremony”.

At this point, I don’t have it, and I am not planning to buy it. So I cannot tell you how good or bad it is. Sorry!

New model "Tea-Cere" (by Shrap Corporation)

* My earlier post on the machine


Tea with a Sakura Bouquet - Shizu7132 -

Sakura (cherry blossoms) is very very special to Japanese. We feel so happy and excited when the season is approaching.

Did you know there is a tea which is perfect for this season? It’s a tea with “sakura-ish” aroma. Not like the ones that some artificial flavoring is provided, or some dried sakura leaves are mixed. It is the one which has natural sakura-ish bouquet. 

What creates such a lovely smell? It is thanks to a tea variety, named “Shizu7132”. When sencha is produced by this variety, a hint of sakura scent comes out. Isn't that interesting? Since "Shizu7132" is the name of the variety, you may find as “Machiko”, “Sakura-kahori” or so on the market.

Sakura pleases to the eye, to the palate and “the nose” too.


Bottled Japanese Oolong

Again, another bottled tea has released recently. It happens a lot. But this time, I was a bit surprised because this is “bottled Japanese Oolong”. (by Coca-Cola Japan company, limited). 

According to the company, 100% tea grown in Japan is used, and all the process to produce this tea are done in Japan. I’m sure a lot of Japanese don’t know yet that we produce Oolong in Japan, but it can be a great chance to let them know that Japan produce not only green tea. 

This is a bottled one, but it would be great if more people will have an interest in tea born in Japan from this, and eventually enjoy tea made from the leaves. 

Bottled Japanese Oolong named "Tsumugi"