British Fair in Osaka

The British Fair is held at a well-known department store in Osaka at this time of every year. Tens of thousands of Anglophiles flooded during the fair. Especially, tea and scones captivate so many people every year. And it is no exception this year, either.

ad for the fair  -by T-
Davenports Tea room awarded the 2013 UK’s top tea place opens their shop temporary and serve cream tea. Scones from The Goring Hotel awarded the 2013 top London Afternoon Tea Award sells scones at a hall. A surprisingly long long queue forms in front of the shops all day and every day long during the fair.

I remembered a word that an old English lady told me when I was in London a long time ago. While I was having “cream tea” which is scones-and-tea set at a tea room in London, she spoke to me and we started chatting. Since she was a regular customer, the tea room owner joined our conversation, and I was spending very good tea time there with them, although my English was much poorer back then. Anyway….what they asked me jokingly then was “Why do all Japanese order scones?? You love scones that much??”

Seeing the long queue to seek tea and scones at the fair, I remember the conversation. Believe me, yes we do. We love English tea and scones. No doubt.

a queue to seek scones  ^by T-

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