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Espresso? No, Tea-Presso!

A Japanese multinational company, SHARP CORPORATION has announced to release their new product on April 25. It is said to be a tea-maker named “Ocha(tea)-Presso”. 
According to the company, this machine can grind tea leaves into powder and whisk them, making smooth tea,  tea latte and so on. Using powdered tea and whisking them - ---- hmm... sounds familiar.  Yes, the idea of the appliance comes from “Sado (traditional Japanese tea ceremony).” 
When you make tea with tea leaves, some nutrients like catechin remain in the used leaves, and the used leaves are usually thrown away. On the other hand, powdered tea ground by Ocha-Presso is not only good for us to take almost all nutrients, but also easier to use for cooking and baking. It will cost about 25,000 yen per unit. 
I would hesitate to grind beautifully rolled tea leaves into powder, but it is interesting to see how "the homemade freshly-ground tea" will bring new tea culture to our lives.

Bath time with the Scent of Teatime

Japanese love to take a bath. Especially when it’s freezing cold, sinking in a hot bath makes us feel warm and relax both physically and mentally. 
In order to enjoy the bath, various kinds of bath powders are on the market. I have learned that BATHCLIN CORPORATION has just released their new product named “Teatime at a English garden”. According to the company, it is a bath powder that gives the impression of tea and flower when enjoying afternoon tea. I love tea, but I’m not sure about this…..but I have also learned that this powder helps recover from exhaustion and relive stiff shoulder. Sound good. I will try my bath time with a fragrance of tea.

Green, green!! -St.Patrick's Day-

Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Many happy Western events like Christmas, Valentine, Halloween have been popular here, but unfortunately, not St. Patrick’s Day. If we are allowed to celebrate it as a happy commercialized event, I mean "color-wise", Japan is a good place. As you may know, the symbol color of the day is green. Yes, we are a green tea power (maybe...), and lots of Matcha flavored food, drink and snacks, which is green, are available. 
In terms of food and drink, we wouldn't be at a loss for “green-color”. I will get some green snacks for the day!

Tea with Sakura

It is always good to have tasty sweets with a nice cup of tea. I like biscuits such as McVitie’s and shortbreads. But especially around this season, I cannot resist Sakuramochi(lit: cherry blossom rice cake). It brings me the feeling of the arrival of spring.
Sakuramochi, is a well-known Wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) throughout the country. A pink rice cake containing red bean paste is covered with an edibleSakura leaf. The leaf gives a hint of Sakura flavor, which is great! The style of the sweets is slightly different from region to region, but whatever the style is, whenever I hear the word “Sakura”, I always feel happy, warm and excited. I am sure I am not the only one to feel that way. 
A bit early for Sakura season in the most of the areas, at least my area. I will wait for the lovely season while enjoying a cup of tea and Sakuramochi, a feast for the eyes, palates and soul.

Matter of Course

Another 311 is coming. I still remember the day. I felt the tremble even here in Osaka, which is about 600km away from the Tohoku region. It has already but only been three years. There is a long long way ahead to revive. Including this, a number of disasters have occurred here and there in the world. Drinking tea is one of my daily ritual, a part of my daily life. I take it as a matter of course…but it is not. Hope the daily lives will come back to all and I appreciate my “matter of course”.