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Varietal Matcha and Tencha

I was fortunate to join a tea tasting hosted by Tyas Sōsen, a Belgian Japanese tea master. 

We tasted varietal matcha and tencha, the ingredient of matcha, both of which are produced from four different kinds of cultivars: Asahi, Ujihikari, Saemidori and Samidori.

Usually, you won't find tencha leaves at tea shops. Varietal matcha powder are not available either.  So it was a really lucky occasion. 

First, he showed us Asahi tencha leaves, the matcha powder, then brewed the tencha and prepared the matcha for us to taste. Then, Ujihikari, Samidori and Saemidori..... It might be difficult for you to distinguish from the photos, but let me tell you how they were.

ASAHI (the cultivar made from Uji native) After checking Asahi tencha leaves and the matcha powder, we tasted the tencha. It was really pale. It tasted delicate and mild, but more decent body than I expected. Sooo relaxing. Then, tasted matcha.  Looked so creamy. It tasted also creamy, delicate and mild. Really fluffy, and again, …