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Winne-the-Phoo Cake

I came across such a cutie at a convenience store.  That was Winnie-the-Phoo!
How can I ignore him!!??  I couldn't resist it! I had to buy it!

Actually I also found Mickey Mouse version. It's cute too, but I am afraid I am a Phoo person. So I left him at the store.....:-)

Convenience stores are everywhere in Japan, and they are so competitive. Therefore, they put new and unique items on market one after another. When you happen to be in Japan, you should drop at those stores. It'll be fun!

Hojicha Porridge

Hojicha porridge lunch @tsuboichi seicha in Namba, Osaka.

Tea is used for tofu and deep-fried chicken.

A good accompaniment to the porridge is "tsukudani". Usually, it refers to seaweed simmered in soy sauce and mirin seasoning. But this one is made from tea leaves.

A traditional tea box-shaped sweets is good with green tea.  

Surprisingly, another sweet is served with Hojicha :-) . 

Even in Namba, a big city, this place is very nice and cozy. Also they serve various menu items including lunch and sweets with tea. When you want to escape from hustle and bustle of Osaka, this is a good one:-) 

*tsuboichi seicha (Shop in Sakai city, and Namba)