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Meeting of Society for Locally-Grown Tea

The 2nd Meeting of Society for "Jikocha (locally-grown tea)" at Tokyo University of Agriculture. Nearly 60 people -- including tea experts, tea makers, universities' professors and students --participated in the meeting. 
As one of the speakers, I was honored to speak about "Jikocha” production in Scotland, especially about Tea Gardens of Scotland and The Scottish Tea Factory.

All of the participants know about tea production. That is why they can imagine easily -- more than anyone -- how tough growing tea there is. Most of locally-grown tea makers are concern about their community and its future. That is why they show their respects to the Scottish tea makers who care about their community. What the Scottish tea makers have been doing also inspired Japanese young people, the supporters of the future tea industry.

Once again, I feel very horned and lucky to have met such wonderful people like them. Special thanks to Beverly-Claire Wainwright of The Scottish Tea Factory…

Book of Locally-Grown Tea known as "Jikocha"

【Book on “Jikocha (locally-grown tea)” will come out】