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Drip Tea, not Steep

A tea pot known as kyusu is supposed to be a must to make tea. But due to overwhelming popularity of bottled tea, many people, especially younger generation, don’t use/have a kyusu at home, which is shame.Therefore tea people have tried to attract more people to make tea with kyusu instead of bottle.
Amid such a situation, a design company, LUCY ALTER DESIGN Inc. has proposed a new idea of making tea. Which is.....Use “dripper” named Green dripper, instead of kyusu. Their catch phrase is; Are you still using kyusu??!!

Japan is a coffee country rather than tea. So people might think it is cool to use dripper even to make tea. I believed that tea need to be unraveled properly for the flavor of tea to be extracted. I’m not sure how it works with this.

Tasting is believing. I should try it when I have a chance.

Bottle, bottle and bottle.....

As you may know, Japan is a “bottled” superpower. Bottled drink is available anywhere and anytime due to countless vending machines and ubiquitous 24-7 convenience stores. Unfortunately, for many Japanese now, “tea” might mean bottled tea instead of tea made with a teapot.

Anyway… another new tea will be put on the market next on August 15. It is called “Nihon no Kocha”, or Japanese black tea, by Ito En Ltd. This product seems to be slightly sweet because of molasses. I’m not a big fan of bottles, but I am curious how its sales will be.
If you have a chance to come to Japan, why don't you try to count how many kinds of bottled tea you will be able to find? I would give up because it's too many to count....