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My Bone Density....No wonder :-)

A team of Japanese researchers in Osaka have found that theaflavin-3, or TF-3, a substance in black tea, is effective for bone loss treatment. I’m not sure exactly how it will work, but if it does really work, that’s a great news! 

Come to think of it, I have done a medical check for bone density before. The result showed no problem!  Rather,  it was much better than the average figure. No wonder….:-) 

Happy Valentine's Day!

The custom of Valentine's day in Japan is unique. Women give the present, mainly chocolates, to man. Very fancy, special and expensive chocolates for this event are seen around this season. They look so tasty!! So....there is another unique " custom" coming up recently. Women buy those expensive chocolates for themselves instead of giving to men:-) Or women get some chocolates for their female friends. They might think the chocolates are too good to give men!! Sorry! 

 Luckily I got some chocolates!  Of course, good with tea! Happy Valentine's day!! 

Across the Sea

According to Japan Finance Corporation, the total exports of tea in 2014 topped eight billion yen. Compared with five billion in 2012, it has been growing steadily. The government targets it for 10 billion in 2016, and for 15 billion in 2020. 
What will be the key for tea born in Japan to be more widely accepted in the world? Safe, healthy, Eco-friendly and of course, tasty…. Tea has a lot in common with wine. Maybe, researching about wine market can help, too. 
In any case, while taking pride in our taste and our way, we should look for the key to the world. But also we should look for the key in order to appeal “tea-leaves’ tea” to Japanese younger generations who drinks only bottled green tea.