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Matcha-To-Be "Tencha"

"Tencha" is tea leaves that has not yet been ground into powder as matcha, and tencha itself is not often seen on the market.

The leaf has be shaded for at least 21 days before being plucked by hand.Then, ground by stone mill into powder, which is then called "matcha". Nowadays, matcha is everywhere, but authentic matcha is not just a powder tea. 
A bowl of brewed Tencha has a green note of cut grass with a nice Umami flavor with a smooth and round texture.

Temomi (Hand-rolled) Sencha

【Hand-rolled Sencha by Mr Sakaguchi in Kumamoto】

The hand-rolled Sencha production method is slightly different from that of Uji, Kyoto. Everything is done by hand in Kumamoto while the leaves are kneaded with a board for the final process in Uji, Kyoto.
The beautiful needle-shaped Sencha is rolled by Mr Sakaguchi, Sakaguchien. It takes 5 hours to make. He is still young, but his craftmanship is amazing!

Hand-Rolled Wakocha at a Department Store in Osaka

A four-day special "wakocha (Japanese black tea)" event at one of the best department stores in Osaka. Three tea growers from Kumamoto prefecture sell their teas by themselves. 

We can experience hand-rolling tea too. 

Chatting with the growers, sampling their teas, feeling and smelling the tea leaves.....which can help people know more about the tea.