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A Trailblazer of Japanese Black Tea

Mr Muramatsu is a tea maker of Mariko black, and also a trailblazer of current wakocha  industry. Without him, the wakocha industry wouldn't have been developed as it is now.

Sadly, his house and some part of factory were destroyed by fire a while our great relief, no one were injured.

He will turn to 80 soon, but he is not just a man. He has gone through so many difficulties in his life. Despite soon after the fire, he said he is going to rebuilt his factory. What a man!

Of course, we will support him as much as we can. All the wakocha lovers are so much looking forward to his lovely tea.

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Informative Tea Towel

What an informative tea towel!

It says "From tea types, brewing times and temperatures, to tips on making the perfect cuppa....". For now, this is my favorite one:-)

Japanese Dark Tea - Ishizuchi Kurocha -

In Japan, green tea is still a king. But several dark tea also produced. Ishizuchi-kurocha is one of them.
According to Wikipedia, “Ishizuchi-Kurocha grown at the foot of Mount Ishizuchi in Ehime prefecture are made by fermenting the tea in a two-step process, first with aerobic fungi, then with anaerobic bacteria.”
A lot of time and labor is required to produce this tea. In addition, due to shortage of successor, the tea is “endangered”. So, even in Ehime prefecture, we hardly find it. Luckily, a tearoom in Matsuyama city, Ehime, serves this, and I ordered it of course.

It has a distinct aroma and a bit of acidity peculiar to dark tea. Especially, dark tea makes us warm, so it is very good for us. Hope it will survive somehow.

Actually, I am curious about this latte; tea, cream and sweet bean paste. Maybe, next time!

*tearoom : Musutakivi