Eco-friendly Tea: Furikake

After you prepare tea, what would you do with tea leaves in a teapot? Most of you would say, "throw away". Japanese usually do the same. However, used-green tea leaves can turn into food. (Personally, the word "infused-green tea" sounds better because "used-green tea" sounds miserable, though.) 
One of the examples is furikake.

Furikake is a dry and flaky condiment which is sprinkled on top of steamed white rice. Ingredients for furikake vary. It typically consists of a mixture of dried and ground food such as fish, vegetables, seaweed, sesame seeds, perilla leaves and egg. Furikake with good flavor always stimulates Japanese appetites.

Used-green tea leaves can be one of its ingredients if leaves have quality. Here is a recipe for tea furikake.(made by Mother)

1) Microwave used-tea leaves till they get dry.
2) Mix them with dried and chopped food including shiowakame, shiokombu (both are salty seaweed), jako (seasoned tiny fish), and sesame seeds.

A lot of beneficial components are still left in used-tea leaves. So, don’t you think "recycle of used-tea leaves" is good for both our health and environment?