Tea Manga "Cha no Namida"

Recently, manga, Japanese comic, is widely well-known. Did you happen to know a manga titled "Cha no Namia" (written and illustrated by Kaeru Minamo) featuring on Japanese tea?

The hero, named “Rui” used to be a great tea master at a traditional prestigious tea company in Kyoto. He was expelled from Japanese tea industry caused by a trouble, leaving Japan for a while. But, in ten years, he is back to Japan and starts to get involved in the tea industry again. The story describes his strenuous efforts to promote Japanese tea in his way while struggling with several hardships.

The story includes tea cultivars, tea culture, and  the custom of traditional Japanese industry. Also, the current situation where tea farmers and tea shop keepers are facing also depicts vividly. So, we can learn "tea" while enjoying the book, which is good.

Some volumes can be seen through the Yahoo Japan site.
But only Japanese. Sorry!!