World Tea Expo 2011

As you may know, World Tea Expo in 2011 will be held in Las Vegas soon. I really really wanted to visit, but unfortunately, I'll miss a chance this time. Poor me...

Without a doubt, all attendees must keep watch on Japanese tea amid growing concern about radiation.

What's going on with Japanese tea?
Is tea produced in Japan really safe to drink?
How do people in the tea industry deal with this problem? .....etc.

If you happen to visit the Expo, why don’t you attend a panel session on Japanese Tea Plan, scheduled on June24th 13:30-14:30? A Japanese farmer, who is a member of ITFA, will explain the present situation of Japanese tea sincerely based on accurate data.

It's completely your decision what to choose, but before you stay away from Japanese tea, listen to his word. It will help you judge the safety of Japanese tea.