Gyokuro - Kyotanabe vs Yame -

Have you tried Gyokuro (often translated as “Jade dew”)? It is considered to be the highest grad of tea and is characterize by rich Umami. And also it has distinguished aroma like Nori sea vegetable does.

Two of the best Gyokuro producing areas are “Yame” and “Kyotanabe”. Yame is a city located in Fukuoka prefecture located on Kyūshū Island (the southern part of Japan). Kyotanabe is in Kyoto. As you know, the taste of tea differs from region to region even if they are the same kind. The question is...what is the difference? Kyotanabe one has more Nori aroma and rich taste. The color of the leaves is darker. Yame one is sweeter and milder. The color is lighter and the leaves are more sensible.

Gyokuro is not an everyday tea so that we can drink like Sencha in terms of the character and price. It is a special tea to taste only small amount. If you have a chance to be served Gyokuro, you may be surprised to taste the concentration of Umami in such a small amount.


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