How to use “infused Japanese tea leaves”

Do you enjoy Japanese Sencha? If so, what do you do with infused tea leaves? I assume most of the cases, they are thrown away. However, tea gives us more benefits even after playing a role as a drink.
Here are some examples how to deal with infused tea leaves:

1)Use for “bath tea”
Wrap infused tea leaves into cloth like gauze and put it into the bathtub. Tea has s lot of Vitamin C, so your skin will be smoother. Tea is one of herbs. Enjoy “herbal bath”.

2) Use as a fertilizer for your plant and flowers. It is good way to reuse.

3) Use as a deodorizer.
Dry infused tea leaves. Wrap them into cloth and put it into the shoebox. It works well.

4)Use as a dish-washing detergent.
After enjoy a few cups of tea, tea comes to too weak and not good to drink, but it still works as a detergent. When you have oily dishes, put them into tea made by infused tea leaves. Oil will be dissolved so that the oily dishes can be easier to be washed away.

Don’t you think it would be sad that if you didn’t make the use of it!