TEAtopia Festival in Wazuka town

Visitors and a mascot -photo by T-
Teatopia festival was held at Wazuka town, one of the highest-quality tea producing areas, in Kyoto.

Under the theme “Delivering charm of tea from the tea field!”, lots of tea companies both from home and abroad set up their booths at the site. Also, various kinds of foods and sweets used tea leaves were sold at the stalls there. Those included tea-pizza, tea-noodles, tea-cookies, tea-dumplings, tea-curry and tea cutlet. Make you hungry, don’t they? Not only that. After drinking and eating a lot, I am sure some visitors needed an exercise. In that case, they joined a tea-field walking tour. An ideal for outing, it must have been a perfect for the tour.

During the two-day festival, around 2,000 people were really steeped in the tea day!
Thanks for tasty dumplings! -photo by T-