Destiny of Kyusu

This is about a cooking class at a high school in Japan. One male student was making Japanese green tea during the class. What he tried to do was this. Place some tea leaves into a teapot and pour water over the leaves in it. Then put the teapot on the fire. Oh, dear….Surprisingly, he was not only one and some others almost did the same.

The school carried out a survey to the 240 students, asking how they drink green tea at home. The result was about only 20% of students said that they make tea using a teapot. What happens to another 80% of students?!

photo by T
The output of “ready-to-green tea” has increased tenfold for the last 18 years. Even their parents in their thirties or forties don’t take it strange to have those teas at home. Also we have another choice such as coffee and teas other than green, and less Japanese, especially younger generations, drink green tea now. Hope Japanese teapot known as kyusu won’t be an endangered species.