Britain in Japan

Many many years ago, I stayed in Britain about a year. I experienced their lovely tea-life back then, coming to be such a big tea-lover. I still feel excited when it comes to English tea.

There are some English tea rooms in Osaka, and recently I’ve found another one “Torrington Tea Room”, named after a tea clipper. Both inside and outside of the tea house are really British. Most of all the British-styled tea rooms in Japan serve scones, but they don’t. Instead, they have crumpet dishes, Egg Benedict dishes and Irish stew etc. Sounds appetizing!

I had crumpet-Egg Benedict and a pot of Assam tea. In Britain, tea is usually served by a pot, but in Japan, often served by a cup, which is not enough for me. So I was so happy to have their good food with decent amount of tea. What made me happier was the Assam tea I had was great! 

This is a lovely “Britain” in Japan that satisfies my appetite and heart. I'm sure I'll come back again soon, ha, ha.

- photo by T-