Getting somewhere

As many black teas are so, most of the Sencha are blended in order to try to maintain their quality and price. In Japanese, we say gogumi for blend.

Usually, those teas which have been done gogumi process are “easy-to-drink” for many, which is fine. No problem at all. However, for those who are “demanding” or “spoiled” like me, “something different” sounds more exciting once in a while.

Maybe, I’m not the only one because there seems to be a new trend. Hinshu-cha (variety tea), which is made from a single variety, can be seen more in the market. Especially, I think, the ones that can create subtle, but distinctive aroma have come to be paid more attention (ex:  Sofu, Koshun, Shizu7132 etc).

In addition, those teas seem to be withered just a little. As you may know, withering is considered “not preferable” for green tea, but some are done in order to bring out the variety’s characteristics enough.

Unfortunately, the Japanese tea industry is not that brisk now. I like to see for this challenge “to get somewhere”.

-by T-