Happy Valentine Day -Japanese Style-

St.Valentine’s Day is coming soon. In Japan, unlike western countries, since a chocolate company introduced this custom in 1930’s, it became a day when only women give chocolates to men including boyfriend, husband and sometimes their male co-workers.
The related industry’s promotion has succeeded and this Valentine sale is becoming more and more intense. Special chocolates sold only around this season are seen a lot. Many are from overseas companies including France, Belgium and Germany.  
And now, women have realized it.----"Do we have to buy such a special chocolates only for men? " or "We don’t want to miss the chance to taste those! "----- Now, many women get a precious treat for themselves too.

Matcha truffle
Of course, Japanese-style chocolates like Matcha and Hojicha flavored ones are sold too. The tea’s bitterness go well with chocolates. Even for chocolate event, tea plays an important role.

Are you going to give a special treat to yourself or your significant other? Maybe both!!