Learn at Cafes

Recently, more “Nihoncha (Japanese tea) cafes” have been seen here and there. I suppose that many may attract the sweets more than tea, though. 

Anyway…. "Nihoncha cafes" often offer a tea set. I mean a tea set including tea leaves, teapot, teacup and hot water is brought to you. People make tea in accordance with an instruction by a staff member. Or they follow a piece of paper on which how to make a good tea is written.

 I have seen some young females making tea while reading the instruction. I could tell that they were having fun. Maybe, it was an unusual experience for them to make tea from a teapot because younger people often have Japanese tea from "bottle". 

I used to learn how to make tea at home, but now some may learn it at those cafes.:-)

How to make Japanese tea -T-