Enjoy "Autumnal" Tea!!??

Japanese autumn has several nicknames such as “sports autumn”, “reading autumn” and “appetite autumn”. It is because the season is not too hot and not too cold. ‘Goldilocks’ to do sports. The night is getting longer. People spend more time at home, which allow them to read more. Also it’s the harvest season including our staple food, rice. Other than that, we enjoy lots of food in season such as sweet potato, chestnuts, squash and mushroom to name but a few. 

I love to eat food using those products while drinking tea. Don’t you? What about drinking tea used those ingredients? 

The other day, I found “sweet potato, chestnut and squash flavored tea” at a tea shop. Unfortunately, as I'm not 'a those kind of infusion person', I didn't get it. But I know some enjoy it and feel autumn. Can we call it "autumnal tea"???  Maybe....maybe not. Ha, ha.