Which "Variety" Would You Like?

Yabukita has been the most common variety for tea produced in Japan. But it is not only one now. Sofu, okumidori, saemidori, koshun, ujimidori, shizu7132, to name but a few. 

Every variety has not only its own character but its own health benefit which could give us. For example,      

Saemidori: a relaxing effect (infused by the lower temperature water is recommended)
Benifuki: to help alleviate hay fever (infused by high temperature water is recommended)
Yutakamidori: to improve the power to resist disease ( water infused is recommended)
Sofu : to help improve cognitive function                       etc...

Tea is not considered as a medicine in the field of the modern medical care, but it is good to know that "our (potential ?!) everyday drink" can help keep your health. Pick up the variety according to your condition:-)

Tsukigase tea farm