Ice Cube + Hot Water = Tasty Iced Tea

I try not to drink something very cold often even in summer, but once in a while it is refreshing to have some. How do you make iced tea? In case of iced green tea, I usually put the leaves in water and leave it in the fridge, or use some ice cubes. 

Recently, I learned a new brewing method "discovered" in Uji, Kyoto. It is called netto kori dashi. Literally means "boiling water (netto), ice cubes (kori) and brew (dashi)". Use boiling water and iced cubes at the same time!? . 

This is how to do. (for sencha or gyokuro) 

First, pack a kyusu (teapot) with a lot of ice cubes. 
Second, place plenty tea leaves on the ice cubes. 
Then pour hot water over it. 
Finally, wait until the outside of the teapot gets cool. 
Now the tea is ready. 

Very simple and quick. It’s handy to make a small amount of tea for one or two. Quickly cooled, the tea is mild rather than astringent. When you feel like iced green tea, give it a try to see how you like! BTW, for a second infusion, just add water and steep it for a few minutes.

The following shows how to do it. No sounds and no English subtitles, but I think you will get the picture what it's like.