Chocolate Season in Japan

Valentine’s Day is a special event in Japan. Maybe it is bigger than you think. Due to the successful advertisement of a chocolate firm, the sale of the sweets skyrockets at this time of every year. The industry enjoys about a third of an annual sales of it during this season. Taking advantage of it. many non-chocolate companies also create special chocolaty sweets. 

This year, Japanese McDonald is one of them. Their newest menu is “McChoco Potato”, which is the fries smothered in chocolate. According to the company, you can have your fries with two types of chocolate sauces chocolate with cacao flavor and white milk chocolate., which will give you “a wonderfully salty and sweet harmonious taste.” In my humble opinion….I don’t know. 

You may think Japanese people eat healthy food. That's not what all do anymore. Less rice, more bread. Less fish, more meat. Less veges, more fatty food......Our diet has changed a lot. You may see that this is a part of the reasons the consumption of green tea has been declining.

Anyway....the unusual menu will be available from January 26th until mid-February across Japan. 

frm McDonald Japan