Overtake Coffee

Japan is a coffee country. People drink coffee a lot rather than green tea and other tea. But I feel that it is changing. 

People are much more talked about tea, especially black tea including Wakocha, and many tea events held in Tokyo area last year. 

Unfortunately, the situation was not the same in Kansai area (including Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto). However, I feel “tea” will be in more even Kansai area too. Early this month, a special event of Wakocha at a renowned department store in Osaka was a big success. The tea shop owner for Wakocha held several mini-seminars a day for three days. All of them were soon fully booked. A guy, who is a cook, came to the event to look for Wakocha for him to serve at his own restaurant. Some came to get more Wakocha since, they said, they got hooked on the tea recently. 

There will be a big black tea event (both abroad and home) in Kobe for the first time at the end of this month. This spring, another tea event is to be held in Osaka. 

The tea is more than “creating a buzz” now. I’m very curious what’s going on the tea market this year.