Discover Premium Green 2017 in Kyoto

Tea Expo 2017 "Discover Premium Green" in Kyoto just started. Various tea events are planning to be held here and there in Kyoto thought the year. 

As its opening event,  "Sakura chakai (Sakura tea party)" in the open air was held on April 1 and 2. If lucky enough, we could take a walk along a row of Sakura and enjoyed the beautiful scenery while having tea, but…..a bit early for Sakura this year.

It's supposed to be this according to the leaflet.

Unfortunately.....a bit early for Sakura

Even so, it was a lovely day! People had a tea under the beautiful sky, which made it more special.

I had a Gyokuro and Sencha with sweets.

Of course, there are several booths to sell tea and tea sweets including Matcha ice cream and Hojicha ice cream (What a long queue for it!!) . I saw some tea farmers and tea people I know.

If you have a plan to visit to Kyoto this year, check it out if you can join the part of the tea event!