Savory Afternoon Tea in Kyoto

I went to afternoon tea in Arashiyama in Kyoto.
Unlike traditional English afternoon tea, afternoon tea here was savory one, which was healthier.

First, a box of tea was brought to us for us to select what to drink. We can see the leaves and smell what they are like. I love that presentation.

Since it was hot outside, I had an iced orange flavored Sencha.

This is what I had.

A tiny hand-rolled sushi, a quiche with ricotta, a red wine marinated quail's egg, balsamic vinegared chicken etc. 

noodle and white miso veloute soup. 

sweets from a traditional Japanese confectionery shop "Oimatstu".

While having food, I ordered Darjeeling and another Sencha. Full of tea!!

The restaurant is along a river. This is unusual afternoon tea but I think very Kyoto-ish both food and scene. Food was not buttery and creamy, which were easy to your stomach.

When you happen to be there, it may be a good place to relax.

* Suiran  http://www.suirankyoto.com/en