Very British in Osaka - Kitahama Retro -

A tea room, "Kitahama Retoro" , has been very popular since it opened in 1997. You have to be ready to wait for an hour, or longer.

The building is designated as a national tangible cultural property, which is one of the reasons of its popularity, but more than that. The tea room has a full of British atmosphere.

The tea room is along the river. When you see it across the river, the tiny tea room is sandwiched between the taller building.

Do you see a teapot and the sign "TEA" on the building?

The tearoom, which is sandwiched between the buildings reminds me of Twining in London. "Kitahama Retoro" is really British in terms of not only food and interior decorations but how it is built.

Twining in London.