Netto Koridashi Sencha

It's been a while since I posted last blog.....Too hot...ha. ha :-(

Even this scorching hot summer,  I try not to drink cold drink a lot, but once in a while I need it. In Japan, green tea brewed with water (known as "mizudashi")  or with ice cubes (known as "koridashi) are relatively common to make cold brew. But the problem is it takes a while to make cold brew.

When you want to drink it soon, there is the way; "Netto Koridashi", which literally means boiling hot water and ice cube brewing. 

This is how to make it.

First, place a lot of ice cubes in a tea pot.

Second, place some tea leaves on the ice cubes.

Then, pour hot water carefully over the leaves.

photo by Samurai chajin
Wait for a couple of minutes. Ready!

Simple, isnt it? Compare to "koridashi" (brew with only ice cubes), it has a richer taste and darker color. But bitterness won't come out. Of course, multiple infusion is possible. 

* Other photos by Cookpad