What is your taste?

Sencha is sencha. But, did you happen to know it is just more than one? What does this mean?

Since most of Sencha have been made from the variety “Yabukita”, which is still main pillar, the taste of the tea is almost always the same. However, the teas made from “non-Yabukita” are receiving more people’s favors these days due to several reasons such as the developments of technique and the consumers’ demands. People have come to like “something special” and ”something different” rather than “the same as others”.

Asatsuyu variety
The picture shows Sencha made from variety “Asatsuyu”, for example. This variety is often called as “natural Gyokuro”, since it contains more umami and less astringency itself. However, it is very sensitive to grow enough, so Asatsuyu sencha is really rare yet.

Sencha is still sencha, and will be. But, under one “happy” condition. We can enjoy finding our own favorite taste Sencha!