Directly from Tea Farms

Thanks to the technology, “the sales methods” have changed remarkably. Tea is not an exception.

Conventionally, tea dealers buy tea from the some farmers, then blend tea in accordance with the retailers’ tastes, selling the tea to the customers. This helps uniform the quality and price of tea to some extent every year regardless of weather and other conditions.

These days, more tea is distributed directly from tea farmers to the customers via online shopping. This is what we call "single estate tea". The new routes gives the buyers more chances to select teas to suit one's favorite. In other words, the customers will enjoy distinguishing the taste from one to another, and finding their own tastes. You can choose tea more freely depending on the varieties, the producing areas and farmers. Where and what you buy is really up to your mood and the purpose. For tea-lovers, "the more choices, the more fun.", right?