“Yuzamashi” is a key word to have a nice cup of Gyokuro and Sencha.

What does the word mean? Literally, yu means hot water, and zamashi refers to cool something. For the tea, “yuzamashi” refers to two meanings: One is to make hot water cooler. The other is a vessel aimed to make hot water cooler. So, do “yuzamashi” (to cool hot water) is required to prepare those Japanese teas by using a “yuzamashi” ( a tea vessel). Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

As you may know, when the higher temperature hot water is used, catechin, which creates bitterness, is extracted. To enjoy Umami, which is specialized with Gyokuro and higher-grade of Sencha, doing "yuzamashi" is inevitable.  If you don’t have a vessel "Yuzamashi", don't worry. A milk pitcher or any other vessels can do.

Whatever you use to cool hot water, do "yuzamashi" is recommendable if you are an Umami-lover.

Tea Sets
Teapot called Hohin (left at the back) and two teacups
Yuzamashi (at the front)