The Age of "Tea celebration" -Chaju-

The third Monday of September is “Respect-for-the-Aged Day” in Japan. In 2011, it falls on September 19. I am not sure this is because Japan is the country of longevity or not, but anyway, we  celebrate longevity with giving special names to some ages such as;

“Kijyu” (Happy celebration) is the special name of 77 years-old.
“Sanju”(Umbrella celebration) for 80 years-old.
“Beiju”(Rice celebration) for 88 years-old
“Hakuju”(White celebration) for 99 years-old  ...etc.

I know those special names like umbrella, rice and white sound weird. Do they have something to do with longevity?? I am afraid, not.… It’s a just word-play using Kanji (Chinese character).

And there are more. When people live much longer enough to be 108 years-old, they also have another name called “Chaju”, literally means “Tea celebration”. I really doubt I would live to be 108 years- old, but for sure there are some “Chaju” people in Japan and in the world.

Happy “Tea celebration”!!