Cheese and Tea!!

Many of you may believe that the paring of cheese and wine is the best. I totally agree with that. But, I think “cheese and tea” are also great friends.

I joined a special get-together “Cheese and Tea Lunch” hosted by a tea and a cheese experts and a French café the other day. They created their own menus used various kinds of cheese only for this party,  and served with various kinds of tea.

Here is the menu:
1) Cake Sale(mimolette) & Pu’ercha
2) Stuffed tomato(red Leicester) & Assam
3) Salad with blue cheese dressing(fourme d’ambert mons)& White Peony
4) Cream Puff(carre de l’est) & Darjeeling
5) Far Breton (mahon menorca) & Wuyi rock tea from Fujian province
6) Blue cheese macaron ( Roquefort mons) & Heab tea

I tried different pairing, finding different flavor and aftertaste. For example, I preferred mimolete and Wuyi rock tea (rather than Pu'ercha), because I tasted it milder and smoother. And, aftertastes were different according to the pairing. “Fourme d’smnrty mons & White Peony” gave me a slight cheese flavor’s aftertaste, while “Fourme d’smnrty mons & Pu’ercha” blended well in my mouth and left no distinctive blue cheese flavor. I really enjoyed multiple facets of the combination of cheese and tea.

To be honest, it is hard to say Japanese green tea goes well cheese, so there was no green tea on the list, but the marriage of cheese and tea in Japanese way is great!