Bubbling Tea

You may hear about the Lepet-so( or Lahpetso), which is the tea “eaten” in Myanmar. It is often considered pickled tea.

There are similar kinds of teas in Japan too, called “Bukubuku-cha”, “Batabata-cha” “Botebote-cha” etc. They are like “bubbling tea” to eat. Tea is foamed with chasen (a bamboo whisk) and, rice, cooked beans pickles or some other grains are added into the tea. The origin of those bubbling teas is said to satisfy one’s appetite in old times when people didn’t have enough food. Even with a little food, tea could provide better nutrition. They are" tea of the wisdom for life".

Unfortunately, these are not common and well-known even among Japanese nowadays. Those tea culture are preserved only at some local areas (such as Okinawa, Toyama, Niigata and Shimane prefectures) as their traditions. I have to confess, I have never tried it…..

However, this is a part of Japanese tea culture. If you are curious what they are, check it out!

This is “Bukubuku-cha” in Okinawa.