My Pet "Camelliia"

This is my “pet”. It looks like a bag, but it is not. It’s a simple, almost square a piece of cloth called furoshiki.

Photo from Musubi
Furoshiki are used not only for carrying things, but for making gifts look more beautiful by changing how to tie. This represents the concept of Japanese culture, which is “versatile”. Think about chopsticks. Japanese use them when cutting and picking foods. We don’t have to use knife, fork and spoon eating Japanese food. How about Kimono? They can be adjusted to fit anyone’s size and shape. Versatile, isn’t it?

Furoshiki is not exceptional. One piece of cloth can carry all kinds of object such as cans of tea, wine bottles, watermelons and even PC.

two bottles of wine
Also, furoshiki often have auspicious pattern, and it is believed that wrapping gift with the lucky patterns keeps the gift pure. Furoshiki are not just cloths to wrap things to give. They also wrap the sender’s thought and heart for others.

…..And, does this topic have something to do with tea? Yes, see the pattern on my pet furoshiki. That’s “camellia”. And, think about tea plant. Camellia sinensis!


* My favorite Furoshiki shop:
YAMADA SEN-I CO., LTD  http://www.ymds.co.jp/index.html
Musubi (its brand name) http://www.kyoto-musubi.com/

Special Thanks:  All photos are from "Musubi"