Good job, Tea leaf hopper!

I am not a big fan of small insects. Let me rephrase this; I don’t like them.

But, I owe a small green bug called “the tea leaf hopper”. The leaf hoppers help create the beautiful and sweet aroma of Darjeeling and Oriental Beauty. Their bites start the oxidation of the leaves and induce the special aroma. This is one of the special methods of producing those black teas.

Surprisingly, there is a Wakocha (Japanese black tea) using the same method even in Japan, too. The tea called “Yama no Hoju” with a bit of sharp bitterness like Darjeeling. It also has a subtle fruity and sweet aroma, which reminds me of Oriental Beauty.

As one of the tea-lovers, it is exciting to try more interesting teas. Thank you, the leaf hoppers, and thank you, the tea farmers pursuing their best teas.

Yama no Hoju  -Photo by tomo -