Novel Designed Tea Label -RANJI-

The pictures are called RANJI, the package labels on wooden tea boxes for Japanese tea export used around from the end of 19th through the beginning of 20th century. Don’t you think they are novel for the design in those days?
RANJI  -photo by tomo-

The RANJI designs were made by then Ukiyoe artisans. I understand that some say RANJI are the origin of the current Japanese graphics design. Those labels must have impressed on Western people the Japanese tea’s presence.

Unfortunately, RANJI were obsolete for the time being, but recently they are beginning to be revived and used for tea packages etc.

Once again, now is time to show more Japanese tea’s presence from various aspects, to say nothing of its quality.

*More picture of RANJI
      HIRANO MUSEUM  http://www.hirano-museum.jp/ranji.html
                           <Ranji exhibition at the museum (in Shizuoka) >

Leaflet for RANJI exhibition