Ice-Cubed Tea

Do you feel like iced tea when it is a hot day? Are you an “Umami”-lover? If so, you may like “Kori-dashi” method. “Kori” refers to ice-cubes and “dashi” does steeping, so this is the method of using ice-cubes.

Preparation is really really simple. Place tea leaves in the teapot, and put enough ice-cubes on the leaves to make the teapot full. And, just wait until ice-cubes thaw. You can leave it either in the room or the fridge. I sometime leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Next morning, ice-cubed tea with a lot of Umami is ready.

As you may know Umami is extracted with lower temperature water, while pleasant bitterness comes out by higher temperature water. So, using ice-cubes helps extract full of Umami. For this method, tea containing Umami such as high-quality Sencha and Gyokuro are recommendable.

In addition, caffeine goes down to about one third. Also, I enjoy “Mizu-dashi” method, which is the tea using water.
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