Communi-Tea Shop

The owner of CHAEN -photo by tomo-
There is an unique tea shop called “Chayen” at the local area in Osaka. This is not stylish, not fancy, but full of love of tea.

The owner, who switched from a graphic designer, started the shop three years ago. He had nothing to do with tea industry and had no connection with tea people. He started just out of his belief. “ I didn’t know Japan has lots of that good but not that popular tea. I didn’t know that many tea farmers have made a great effort to produce tasty teas. So I made this shop. I hope my shop helps more people know Japanese tea and support tea farmers eventually. ”

Funny things are some customers bring unique tea to the shops and share it with the owner and other customers. Some get tea for the owner as a souvenir when they travel. This is unusual, isn’t it? The tea parties held by the shop often last long long time because guests keep tasting and talking about tea a lot.

The name of shop “Chayen” has several meanings. Steeping tea, tea farms and people’s bond made by sharing tea. He truly serves “Communi-Tea”. Don't you think?

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