Tanabata -Star Festival-

July 7th is Japanese star festival known as Tanabata (lit: the seven evening), which celebrates the meeting of the star Vega and Altair. Legend says that these lovers are allowed to see each other only once a year on July 7th, separated by Milky Way except  that day.

Nowadays, we usually celebrate the day by writing wishes on small pieces of paper and hanging them on bamboo branches. Vega was believed to be good at weaving and people would think that “I want to be as good at weaving or so as Vega.” or “I wish I were as good as her.” So, the bamboo filled in peoples’ wishes are displayed in hopes that their wishes reach to Vega in the sky.

In my area, the bamboos with colorful papers are displayed here and there. I wonder what people are wishing to the star. My wish is….let me think about while enjoying teatime. 
Tanabata decolation at the local sweets shop -photo by tomo-

- traditional Tanabata song-
"The bamboo leaves rustle,shaking away in the eaves.
The stars twinkle on the gold and silver grains of sand.
The five-colour paper stripsI have already written.
The stars twinkle, they watch us from heaven."
                                 translation: -Wikipedia-

Kamairicha made by Mr Kajihara in Kumamoto

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