Means a lot –Morning Tea-

My morning ritual is drinking tea. I choose tea from my 'tea box' according to the mood of the moment. 

Tea makes me feel better in the morning. But, morning tea seems to be more than that. It could bring happiness and drive away problems you may suffer. Why do I say that? Because there are some proverbs about Asacha (morning tea) in Japan.

*Asacha wa Shichiri Kaettedemo Nome
You should drink morning tea even if it is a long return trip. The tea protects you from problems.
* Asacha wa Fuku ga Masu
 Morning tea increases your happiness

*Asacha wa Sonohi no Nannogare
 Morning tea wards off accidents.

Tea leaf (Izumi variety)  -photo by tomo-

It’s only morning tea, but it is morning tea, after all. Morning tea means a lot to us!