"Fizzy" Trend

The new trend in bottled beverage is “fizzy drink” in Japan. Orange-flavored fizzy drink has been introduced from France, and lemon-flavored one was just joined into the Japanese market. Soon, coffee-flavored and tea-flavored ones will be on the market.

Why fizzy drink this summer? Recently, the media talk about fizzy water a lot, saying that it helps lose weight, making you feel full with a small amount of food. Also it is good for your digestion so it would be good for your skin, too. Those “effects” might attract a lot of customers.

There is another reason behind this trend. It is “energy saving” that Japan is facing this summer. Since 3.11, the most of nuclear reactors have stopped after those regular inspections and we are trying not to waste our energy including air conditioners.
The beverage companies believe fizzy drinks give us more refreshed feeling than the other drink to overcome this heat and we want it. The business competition over the drink is heating up!

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