Niroku's Tea

As you may know, Japan produces black tea. But not only that. Some farmers have started to produce Japanese oolong tea, too. The trailblazer is Mr. Niroku Muramats. He is also known as current Japanese black tea's pioneer and has established his black tea. But that was not his goal.

Now, the 72 year-old man is pursuing his new tea, pouchong tea. His pouching tea is made from “Benifuki”, a hybrid variety. I am fortunate to taste his tea some times. That’s amazing! It has a beautiful golden color, flowery rich aroma and substantial taste. Even only its aroma makes me really happy. His pouching tea hasn’t been on the market yet, but I am sure people will love it once it is.

Amid declining of Japanese tea consumption, those new types of tea would bring new wind in the industry and Japanese tea culture.