Kamairicha -Pan Fired Tea-

You know how to process sencha (green tea), don’t you?

Soon after the leaves are picked, they are first heated to deactivate its oxidizing enzyme of the leaves. Then, the leaves are rolled, shaped and dried.
How are they heated, then?

In Japan, steaming is a common method, but there is also another way, which is “pan-fired” (*accounts for only about 10% of sencha production) . Unlike steamed one, pan-fired tea called “kamairicha” has a distinctive aroma known as “kamaka (pan-fired aroma)”, which is great.
Actually, steamed type is more popular in the market, but recently, “kamairicha” has been paid much more attention especially to tea geeks. Rather than mass production, now is the time for something special and something unique. If you have a chance to try kamairicha, don’t miss it. You’ll love it.