Drink Gyokuro and Eat Gyokuro

What would you do with tea leaves in a tea pot after drinking green tea? Maybe, many would say “Throw them away!” But, in case of good tea, especially Gyokuro, don’t do it!! There’s still plenty of nutrition in the leaves. Why don’t you eat?

A tea farmer, Mr. Harashima, in Yame makes Gyokuro rice. His recipe is really simple. Just mix used tea leaves with rice and add a little bit of salt. That’s it! Easy, but looks good, doesn’t it?

I know you don’t usually eat a bowl of rice. Then how about tea leaves omelette?
In any case, throwing them away is mottainai (what a waste!)!

gyokuro rice  photo by Mr Harashima

BTW, have you noticed where Mr. Harashima produces Gyokuro? It is Yame. Yes, Yame is one of the best Gyokuro producing areas. No doubt that his tea is great to both drink and eat :-)

*Mr.Harashima’s website: Ocha noTiyonoen   http://www.yokaocha.com/
(English is not available. Sorry! When you are interested in his tea, let me know.)

*About Gyokuro and Yame (from my older posts) http://japaneseteastory.blogspot.jp/search?q=Gyokuro


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