Washoku -Intangible Cultural Heritage list-

Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list amid increasing its popularity throughout the world. Washoku is the accumulation of this eating culture over the last 15,000 years, being  well-balanced, full of seasonal colors, and simply cooked to bring out the true flavor of the ingredients. Especially, in Washoku it is important that the sense of the season be reflected in everyday meals, and this concept has long been in our food culture.

However, many Japanese especially younger generations do not pay enough attention to the values these days. As the society has become more globalized, our dietary habits have also globalized. We have more westernized food. I am not saying western food is not good. It is fine, but  sad for us to lose our food culture.

As its change, our tea culture has been changing. Green tea goes well with traditional Japanese food like less fat, more fresh veges with subtle flavor, and white rice. However, the westernized food, which is usually more fatty, is good with black tea in order to refresh your mouths. No wonder the green tea consumption has been decreasing. The more choices, the better. But we should keep our dietary culture too.
The Cultural History of Japanese Food
English translation by Tomo