What’s Your Christmas Dinner?

First of all, I have to tell you this is not about tea. Sorry. It is about Christmas and something else....:-)

It is rather commercialized, but we still celebrate Christmas. I am happy to enjoy Christmasy atmosphere here and there.

I assume that many countries have some traditional special Christmas foods including turkey, Christmas pudding, Stollen or whatever.

What do you think Japanese eat for Christmas dinner?? Since turkey is not available in general here, chicken is more chosen. Many, especially families with kids, like to have a special chicken, which is KFC. I’m not joking, chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Around 70’s, KFC started advertising their chicken for Christmas, offering the set meals only for Christmas. They won! They succeeded in attracting Japanese. Unfortunately or not, this is not my case, though. When I was a kid, Mom usually roasted chicken at home because she didn’t like buying prepared food especially on such a special occasion. Therefore, I've never had KFC Christmas set meals till now.

BTW, we don’t call the founder “Colonel Sanders”. He is often called “Mister Kentucky” and liked by younger Japanese especially at this time of the year. Whatever it is, we enjoy Christmas!

Christmas illumination in Osaka -T-