Less Sweetness and Less Bitterness

I remember the words below by a Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) chef at a traditional shop in Kyoto. 

“Wagashi is supposed to be sweet. In olden times, people took sugared sweets as  special treats because sugar was very valuable back then, and enjoyed sweetness. But now, many say ‘I like this because it's not so sweet!’  I understand people have come to be health-conscious, but as a Wagashi chef, I have mixed feelings to hear that comment.” 

He said this jokingly, but I found an interesting point in his remarks. 

I sometime remember his words when I hear a comment on tea. Some says “I like this tea because it is not bitter.” To me, bitterness is vital in tea. I need good bitterness, which I think gives the complex to the taste. Of course, this is just my thought and I understand everyone has his/her own taste. 

 Peoples' tastes change.  “Something which is supposed to be” is not our favorites anymore.

Assorted Wagashi made by FELTING.
You cannnot eat them..Too bad :-)

-made by "Chaen" tea shop owner-